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We believe that honesty is the best policy that’s why we publish our costs, unlike other companies.

Our cost for air conditioning and chiller service is £370.00 for a day including mileage up to 200 miles.

For half day you’re looking at £270.00 including 100 miles.

For work within London, the rate reflects the congestion charge and parking costs, for a day its £420.00 and £310.00 for half a day, if we can fit you in with someone else on the same day our cost goes down.

Supply and install of air conditioning starts at £850.00 this is for a 2.5kw heating cooling unit installed with up to 15m of pipework.

Supply and install of a cellar cooler would start at £1590.00 for a small cellar of 25mq and 40mq below ground.

We install and supply VRV VRF, Chillers for breweries, Data centre cooling etc, obviously we can’t advertise a cost for these as details are not known, just contact us for a free site visit and we will quote.

Our contract customers are supported by a 24/7 call out, we also have a premium contract which offers a 4 hour response time for your call out, just contact us so we can see what equipment were dealing with.

For critical cooling equipment we hold stock so your down-time is kept to a minimum

If we can’t fix it we won’t charge for our time, all we ask is you pay for any parts used, we think this is fair?


We take pride in not loosing 1 customer in 10 years, and we look forward to working with you.


Contact us by phone, the office 01747 811228 or 07708969572 (service manager) or email us